Saturday, October 19, 2013

Update 101913

I built the gate driver, adding a 18v LDO regulator - I initially planned to run it straight off the first battery (~12 volts) but the gate driver IC (HCPL-3120) requires 15 - 30 volts. My IGBT can have up to 20 volts on the gate, so 18 leaves some safety margin.

The driver is limited to 1.45 amps out. The LDO can deliver 1 amp with a good heat sink, which it doesn't have, but the IGBT gate will only draw ~1.45 amps for a short time. With a 47 uF capacitor on the 18 volt rail, it shouldn't be an issue.

I also finished up the ammo box mount and bolted the heat sink and IGBT together. I'll be able to fit the rest of the electronics in the ammo box as well.

It's upside-down, the electrons will fall out!

It looks fast! I won't tell people how slow it is.

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